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Coronavirus: World reacts with fury to Bondi Beach sunbathers as people ignore social distancing

The world has reacted with fury over large crowds spotted at Bondi Beach and other venues across NSW, despite strict advice to stay away.

The Australians and tourists who were spotted recklessly defying the government’s strict advice on social distancing and self-isolation prompted fury from locals and officials and has seen Bondi beach closed.

Hundreds made the most of the warm weather in Sydney on Thursday and Friday, flocking to Bondi beach in Sydney’s east, despite the Prime Minister banning gatherings of more than 500 people. The beach will now be closed temporarily. Waverley Mayor Paula Masselos this morning called on the public to observe health advice and consider staying at home. “We all have a role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and I am frustrated that people continue to ignore health advice about social distancing as observed yesterday at Bondi Beach,” she said. “We all need to behave in a safe and responsible manner so that the spread of this virus can be slowed. No one is immune to COVID-19 and behaving irresponsibly puts the entire community at risk.” International publications such as the UK’s The Metro described the scenes on Bondi Beach as “unbelievable” while readers labelled those responsible as “stupid”. At least 877 cases of the new coronavirus have now been confirmed across Australia, and seven people have died.

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