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Modern beach villa Revit Lumion

A luxurious  modern beach villa, house, BIM model is made on Revit Architecture and rendered on Lumion 10 . Designed by a professional team of architects and interior designers. the design can fit on any site with a nice view,. Cozy transparent spaces make you live the inside like you are outside, every corner of the house is studied well to give you a special different experience. the villa is G+1 with a courtyard, swimming pool, dining, bedrooms, guestrooms ... etc. 


* All images are as rendered (no post editing).


* Lumion file has all materials, lighting and settings ready to render ( materials and textures are only available in Lumion ).

Modern beach villa Revit Lumion

  • Modern beach villa is originally created with Revit architecture 2019

  • Modern beach villa is rendered with  Lumion 10

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