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Organic architecture beach villa house Lumion render and Revit

Organic architecture beach villa house Revit and Lumion. This 3d model is A Unique luxurious Organic beach villa house with 3d grass that Rendered in Lumion 10 with all settings, environment and lighting with animated birds, fishes, treas and ready for render, An Extra FREE Revit model is complimentary included. Rendered Floor plans are included in acad dwg format. our team created the model with passion, the architecture rendering and visualization of the 3dmodel was carefully made to provide the desired cozy natural atmosphere. The beach villa is Designed by a special team of architects and passionate interior designers. This design was made in a way that can be easily adapted to any site with nice views, ocean, sea, nature, forest, jungle or even desert. The design is Organic to simulate the nature which makes you live the inside like the outside , a very transparent organic beach house design , every space of the house is studied well to make you live a special different experience. the house is G + 1 + penthouse with a courtyard, swimming pool, infinity pool, dining, bedrooms, guestrooms ... etc. * Lumion file has all materials, lighting and settings ready to render ( materials and textures are only available in Lumion ). * Acad DWG and fbx files are included. *Revit model is FREE complimantary * The design can be easily adapted to any site, ocean, island, sea shore, desert, forest, urban space,,,,, etc * All images are as rendered (no post editing) * All cameras and effects are set. just click render. Enjoy the scene

Organic architecture beach villa house Lumion render and Revit

  • Lumion + Revit

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